Weekly School Update

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Central High senior Tyler Fontenot has received a scholarship to attend school at the Culinary Arts Institute. Congratulations to Tyler.

The Central Community School System put an Attendance Awareness Week into place where students who have not missed any school are recognized. The goal of this week is to encourage students to attend school every day. Students who have not missed any days were "quite a few" at the elementary schools, around 15 at Central Middle, and 12 at Central High.

There is currently a system in place in Louisiana where teachers and certain support workers can put in extra time and effort to become certified at the next level. This certification process is lengthy and involved; however, those teachers who complete the process are given a $5,000/year stipend by the state. Governor Jindal has recently proposed that the funding for this program be cut, which would mean that those teachers who are just completing the program would not receive this stipend, and those who are already receiving it would cease to get it. In light of this, the CCSS School Board made the motion at Monday's meeting to cover this stipend for those employees who have completed or who are completing this program. The school system would only commit to paying this out of pocket for the next school year. This of course depends on whether the state government does actually cut these funds.

Also at the school board meeting on Monday was a representative from DEMCO. As a part of the maintenance work being contracted out for Central High, the school has asked that an emergency generator be installed. DEMCO has come forward with an offer to supply this generator. DEMCO is looking to invest in a huge generator that would power DEMCO as well as Central High, Sammy's, and possible Wal Mart if they agreed to it. The cost to Central schools would be helping to pay for the initial cost of purchasing the generator. The schools would not be responsible for the maintenance of the generator, nor would they ever be asked to purchase gas for it. Because this generator would power the entire school in an emergency instead of just a portion of it, and because having this generator would eliminate the need for an emergency light system in the school, the School Board agreed to go with DEMCO if the cost is within the range that they are looking to pay.

The 2010-2011 District Calendar is now up for CCSS schools. You can view it HERE.