Central Citizen Challenges CCGG

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The following letter was sent in from a reader who requested that it be published as an article. does not endorse any specific candidate or political group. If anything in this article is incorrect or untrue, please send an email to and the issue will be fixed.  If anyone wishes to submit a rebuttle to this post or if the CCGG wishes to clarify its position please e-mail us at .

WHO ARE YOU, PURPORTED “CENTRAL CITIZENS FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT”? I have tried repeatedly to find out who you are since the day I received a red pamphlet hand out of sorts with your logo of a claim to “sweep” the present administration from office and then endorsing a full list of candidates with only two incumbents included. When questioned, the candidates listed on the handout (or suggested ballot), deny knowing how their names got put there. They deny knowing who founded or who claim to be members of CCGG. IF this is CENTRAL Citizens for GOOD government, why was this not an advertised open meeting. Why were we as Central Citizens not included in the decisions made for endorsement of said candidates. Why will you not come into the light of day and identify yourselves? Are you even from Central or an outside group hoping to gain control of our Mayor’s office and council for personal gain? As a lifelong resident of Central, I have a right to know who you are. I have a right to know who gave you the authority to speak for me as a Central Citizen without my having any input what so ever in this clandestine publication. Whomever you are, be assured, the people of Central are an intelligent group of people. We have always been perfectly capable of assessing a candidate for public office by reviewing their past accomplishments, and their future plans for the office they seek. I have absolutely no need for your clandestine suggestions especially if you do not have the intestinal fortitude to sign off on your propoganda. I await your identity IF you have the guts to come forth. -Debbie Dougherty


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