Want To Own A Private Plane? Read This

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Looking for individuals interested in forming the “Central Flight Club”.  This is planned to be a “co-op” in which a number of individuals join together to own one or several private planes.  The plane (or planes depending on the membership of the group) would be purchased from the initial invesment of the members, which would likely be in the five to seven thousand dollar range.  The insurance, annual inspection and tie-down fees would be shared by the group in the form of monthly dues and rights to flying time would be scheduled for the year and traded as members negotiate their schedules.  Each pilot would pay per hour for actual flight time and that money will be used for maintenance and overhaul.  That rate will be significantly less than simply renting a plane from the local FBO.

There are many such clubs across the country and it seems the most practical approach to getting in the air for those of us who cannot justify the financial burden of owning your own plane.  This club is for experienced pilots as well as those who have never flown but want to learn.  In fact, a club like this could significantly reduce the cost of getting certified to fly.

Finally, if there is an instructor out there who would like to consider joining this effort and becoming the “club instructor” it would add another dimension to the group.  Possibly reduced rate lessons for members in exchange for access to club planes for your private instruction.

This is currently only a proposed venture so I encourage anyone wanting to join in the process of trying to make this a reality to e-mail  We will converse via e-mail until we have enough to meet and further explore the concept.