Central School Board Seeks the Will of the People

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The school board met this evening at Kristenwood.  Routine business included the hiring of an additional school nurse, a report on the progress of roof repair bids at CHS, and a report on the Alternative Discipline Center.  The majority of the meeting centered around preparations to ask the citizens of Central to support the replacement of aging school buildings.

Much of the discussion on this topic centered around the need to discern the will of the people and to transform that will into acceptable plans to build new schools.  In order to ensure that the people are heard, the school board has voted to restructure the Steering Committee on School Facilities.  This is the group who will research and formulate a building plan and associated bond issue to begin building much needed new school buildings.  This committee will present its findings to the School Board for final approval before going to the citizens for a vote.

The committee will be created as follows:  One parent representative and one staff member will be named by the principals of each of our five schools.  Each of our seven school board members will then name two individuals from their district and one “at-large” member from any school district.  This comes to a total of 31 members who will begin meeting and working on this project in late November.

The school board, in an effort to ensure that the most informed decision is made and that the decision is truly reflective of the will of the people, will also consult with two outside firms.  The first will assist the Steering Committee in determining the actual needs of the school system, and the second will assist in learning how best to inform the public and how best to determine what path the citizens of Central will support in the effort.

The video of this meeting can be seen in its entirety below.