Kindergarteners Take World Tour

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Utilizing the core knowledge curriculum and technology equipment located on the St. Alphonsus campus, our kindergarten students are already world travelers at an early age.  Social Studies class is not only lecture, but consists of virtual tours to the places these youngsters study.  In addition to learning that our Earth is divided into seven continents, each having its own diverse plants, animals and structures, students are provided an opportunity to visit these continents and see these unique attributes first hand without ever leaving the classroom.


Recently, our students visited Asia and the Great Wall of China.  They also saw rice fields and observed the giant panda in its natural habitat.  The African tour included a bird’s eye view of the pyramids.  A spectacular light show at the Statue of Liberty, a helicopter ride over New York City, meandering through the Grand Canyon, and watching buffalo grazing in Yellowstone National Park were the highlights of the North American tour.  Further travels to the other continents will occur as these young folks continue their studies.


Thank you, Ms. Feibel and Ms. Webb, for guiding our impressionable students through a fun-filled, worldwide experience.