Just Say No Club

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St. Alphonsus Just Say No Club members recently held their first meeting of the new school year.  The club is open to 4th-8th grade students and has been viable for 19 years.  Focus is placed on making these young students aware of the dangers and pitfalls of drugs, tobacco and alcohol through education, socialization and service to others.  A school-wide Red Ribbon Week Campaign is held in October, and the entire student body assembles to see skits and hear guest speakers provide them with useful and helpful information relative to making the right choices to remain safe.


New club member, Karly Bordelon, wrote the following to share her thoughts about the Just Say No Club with her fellow schoolmates and club members:

Just say no!

Understand how drugs can hurt you.

Stay away from drugs.

Talk with your parents.

Share info with your friends.

Always make good choices.

You can do anything if you’re drug free.


Never agree to even try drugs.

One chance…don’t do it!


Club moderators are Sr. Sandra Blanchard and Ms. Tanya Graves.

(Pictured are Rachel Eller and Gabrielle Guillory at the Just Say No Club Meeting)