St. Alphonsus Beta Club Elects Officers & Holds Induction Ceremony

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St. Alphonsus Beta Club members recently elected officers for the 2008-09 school year.  Serving as President is Adam Prevot, Vice-President, Joshua Shepherd, Secretary, Leigh Ann Smith, Reporter, Garret Broussard, and Reporters, Myranda Degraw and Mallory Burns.  This particular club is not only one that recognizes academic achievements of its members, but the community service projects they sponsor throughout the year. 


Other members of this club include Alexis Rousseau, Alyssa Speeg, Blake Esch, Blakeli Entremont, CaitlinCarlos, Collin Averett, Drake Cowart, Dylan Martin, Elizabeth Breaux, Gabrielle Culmone, Grayson Boullion, Hope Babin, Jacie McClure, Jessica Bell, Jonathan Dejean, Jordan Broussard, Kamryn Bossom, Kristen Shaffer, Londyn St. Pierre, Mason Cockerham, Matthew Venable, Robert Kusch, Summer Betz, and Tara Termini.


Congratulations and thanks are extended to all!