Central School System Temporary Fixes

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CENTRAL, LA (WAFB) – Voters in Central shot down a proposed tax increase that would have funded some school improvements that came with the Central school break-away. Superintendent Michael Faulk says that Central schools may lack money, but in student enrollment, they are bursting at the seams.

With school starting in just two weeks, Faulk says he and other officials are banking on temporary solutions, temporary fixes, and even temporary classrooms. “We are going to have 22 new temporary classrooms added to the school district this year.” Central is projecting about 500 new students in August.

An entirely new school is even opening. What was Starkey Academy will now be Central Intermediate School. However, when you think of new, chances are good that you don’t think of Central’s set up. “They are trailers, they are temporary classrooms. They have to put them together. We are looking at the possibility of still being short with the increased enrollment,” Faulk says.

With the defeat of the tax proposal, Faulk is forced to work in Central’s schools in the condition they’re already in, which he says can’t be done without some improvements. “…kitchen, expanding kitchen based on the increased enrollment, adding restrooms because of health department regulations.” Faulk fears the temporary fixes will cost much more than that proposed tax increase in the long run. “We are just going to have to continue using temporary solutions to a problem that is going to continue to magnify. If you spend all that money on that and then you build new facilities, what happens to all the money you spent in the old building?”

On a positive note, Superintendent Faulk says Central’s schools will still have a good student to teacher ratio of 20:1. Faulk says he plans to get everybody back together again and come up with a new plan for the voters.

By: Anna Adair