CCSS School Board Meeting on 7/28

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Dress code was a hot topic at last nights school board meeting. The issues were award rodeo buckles, heavy jackets, and natural waist lines. After much discussion between the board members, Mr. Faulk suggested that since we are two weeks from the start of school, these changes should not be voted on at this time and any further changes be submitted by March 1 for the following school year. The proposed dress code changes can be found at, items #6 – #23. They mainly pertain to middle and high school students. If you are interested or would like to make comments at that link, Mr. Faulk is looking at the parent opinions. Also, if you have concerns, contact the school board member for your district. That map can be found at the following link:

The board also approved two programs at the high school level. One program includes Louisiana Technical Institute to provide College and Career coaching to high school seniors. This will also include the services of Career Compass to assist those students in grades 9 – 11. The other program is in association with LSU Extension Service.

In Mr. Faulk’s summary, he stated that we are projected to have an estimated 1000 more students than at the beginning of last year. If CCSS continues to enroll students at the pace that they have estimated, the system will be short 4 -5 classrooms on the first day. Temporary buildings are in place at Central Middle and Central Intermediate. The high school temporary buildings should be delivered later this week. They are currently working on adding driveways to Bellingrath, CIS, and Central Middle. These should be completed by next week. Hopefully this will help alleviate some traffic issues at these schools.