Signs and City Lines Discussed at City Council

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The Central City Council convened Tuesday evening, July 22nd, for its regular meeting at 6:00 at Kristenwood. The first of two major issues discussed was an amendment to the city’s sign ordinance. The original ordinance has been available on the Central City web page at the link: Sign Ordinance. Several minor changes were made and the proposed new ordinance was unanimously approved. The other item which generated a great deal of discussion was a petition by property owners north of Hwy 64 and west of Blackwater Road who seek to be de-annexed from the City of Central. It seems that this handful of property owners are included in the City of Central but not included in the Central Community School District. It needs to be understood that the annexation of the City and the creation of the School District were unrelated actions. While there seems to have been no intention to single out this tract of land for dual treatment, the owners still have a dilemna and are doing the right thing by bringing their petitions to the Council for consideration. The Council has directed the city’s attorney to research the issue and report to the Council what the correct and legal process should be to handle this petition.