Central Community School System & Board

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Are the school board members insane? Have they fallen and bumped their heads? CCSS asked for a tax renewal last year and Central said yes at the polls. Now CCSS wants to roll forward the millage rates, and for what? For the new $400k concession stand at a football field, for the new T buildings at Bellingrath they are replacing instead of building permanent classrooms, or the T-buildings they are replacing at Tanglewood? Maybe it is for the proposed work to the track, can’t be the track they are trying to partner with BREC for that, all the while Bodi White is trying to run BREC out of Central.
I am not sure about the rest of Central, but I was in the most recent Finance Committee Meeting at the CCSS and by the looks of the funds they have in the bank and the ways/reasons they are wanting/going to spend our tax dollars is not conducive to any logical or fiscally responsible excuse they have/give to wanting to roll forward the mileage rate.
CCSS has gotten entirely too ok with saying we know what is best for you and we do not care one iota what you think. Why would they care past their faces when the only faces they have staring back at them at board meetings are school system employees.
Parents still can’t go to the schools without wearing a mask, you try and have a conference and the principal as well as another support staff employee sits in on your conference like you are a criminal because you can’t wear a mask. The entire time in the conference the additional “security” has no insightful input, comments, concerns or helpful information and are only there to intimidate you.
New positions to the faculty, they absolutely love adding those even though they have zero purpose and functionality in the school system other than a title and a paycheck. I challenge all of you to go look back over the last two pandemic years and see how many positions were added/created, new positions given to current staff with or without pay increases and pay increases were given to support staff & teachers.
SarahJo Griggs