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CoplinHeadshotBFlu season is upon us again and it is that time of the year to get ahead of the prospect of catching the flu.  Doctors tell us a flu shot early is the first step in early prevention. 
However, the best advice for each person is make their own decision about flu vaccination is from the advice of their own Primary Care Physician. However, it is everyone’s responsibility to help reduce the spread of flu. This goes for those who have the flu and for those who don’t.  
Remember, research published last year confirms that flu can be transmitted by breathing the same air as someone who has the flu so stay at least six feet away to avoid the Flu.
If you have the flu or think you have symptoms of the flu, stay away from others as much as possible until the symptoms have run their course. Any cough associated with your symptoms should be contained in a tissue which is immediately discarded in a trash receptacle or at least contained in the crook of your elbow. Constantly wash or use a sanitizer for your hands and try to sanitize any commonly used objects such as door handles, telephones and computer key boards.  There are a number of spray sanitizers that will help with this. It is particularly important to keep away from others in the early stages as this is the stage where you are the most contagious.
Doctors tell us that early symptoms are fever, sore throat, headache, aching sore joints and muscles and nasal or chest congestion. These symptoms come on much more quickly than a bad cold. Your doctor should be the one to diagnose your symptoms and advise you on what medications to take to lessen the symptoms until you are symptom free. Do not self-diagnose.
If you don’t have the flu, much of the advice for those who have it is the same. Your biggest defense is stay away from someone you know or suspect has the flu, avoid crowds when possible and stay at least six feet away. Don’t hug or shake hands and if you touch or handle anything you suspect has been touched or handled by someone flu, wash your hands with soap as soon as possible.
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