Candidate Positions: Master Plan and Waivers

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Central Speaks gave each candidate for Mayor and City Council the opportunity to respond to the following question: Central’s Master Plan and Zoning Code set the standards for development.  Do you support rezoning contrary to the Master Plan and/or granting waivers to Central’s established standards? Please explain your response. Their responses are included below, unedited. Candidates declining to answer are so noted.


David Barrow: The plan should be followed.  Rezoning should only be considered if there is public support or little opposition.  “Spot zoning” should not be allowed.  Development waivers should only be granted for issues such as topographical matters and not for financial reasons which only benefit a developer without providing public benefits to the city or surrounding property owners.
Marcus Michelli: “The [Master] plan should not, however, be understood as a final statement of purpose and intent. In reality, the work of implementation and adaptation is ongoing and perpetual. It should be understood as a tool upon which the foundations for the City of Central have been established and from which it will grow and flourish.” -2010 Central Land Use Plan
Junior Shelton (incumbent): Declined to respond.

Charlie Habig: Central has a Master Plan and Zoning rules that should be followed.  We should not deviate from our rules.  If they need to be changed we should go back to the table and revisit those rules.
Aaron Moak: The City of Central master plan should be followed to the best that it can be.
Joshua Roy: The Master Plan should be followed as it is currently established and any waivers or variances to the current zoning requirements should be granted in only exceptional circumstances after thoughtful consideration and consistent with the purpose and intent of the Master Plan. Waivers, if granted, should be done fairly and not arbitrarily in favor of a select few.
John Vance (incumbent): The issue is too complex for a canned answer. Many things must be considered when rezoning property. Each decision must be made on the merits of that case
Kim Fralick (incumbent): Declined to respond.
Dave Freneaux: I oppose rezoning contrary to the Master Plan and the granting of waivers, when these are done solely to accelerate growth. Central’s Master Plan involved many opportunities for public input and allows for slow, controlled growth. Waivers exempt one person from the laws that apply to everyone else. Central’s laws should apply equally to every citizen and every developer.
Shane Evans (incumbent): Upon careful review of the master plan, I found that many citizens’ properties had been taken out of commerce or value altered without their being properly notified and compensated in violation of the “takings” clause of the 5th Amendment of the Constitution.  While we must have a guide, we also must be protective of our citizens property values and rights.
D’Ann Wells: I support the award-winning Master Plan, so I believe waivers should be rare and based on a change in infrastructure.  The community should share the benefits of building as one person’s rights should not infringe on the rights of another.
Charles Lee Hinton: No. It is crucial that we judiciously adhere to the Master Plan, granting only minor rezoning waivers. There should be discussion and solid agreement with our citizens before a final decision is made.  The practice of approving changes despite the concerns of the majority of our citizens has to stop. We must keep Central the city it was meant to be.
Jeffrey Meyers: I support the Master Plan as it is presently written. I would be resistant to waiver and rezoning requests if surrounding property owners object. Developers should site their projects where there would be minimal to no conflict with the Master Plan. The majority of residents in the 5th District object to further development of new high density subdivisions.
Briton Myer: I do not support rezoning contrary to the Master Plan. The Master Plan is an award winning design that ensures consistent yet measured growth. I also do not support granting waivers to our established standards, absent extenuating circumstances. I desire to review and help close loopholes that currently allow the granting of waivers even when contrary to the Master Plan.
Wade Evans: I believe that the master plan is the best guide for future development. I also think overlay districts for certain areas of our city is vital to controlling the type of growth we desire. I do not like the idea of granting waivers for a development. We have ordinances for a reason and the design needs to fit our plan.
Aaron McKinney: Central’s Master Plan and Zoning Code should serve as a minimum baseline for development inside our city and we should not drop our standards. If modifications to the plan are needed they should only be for the better. Protecting our city, schools, and infrastructure is my priority #1.
Ryan Meador: No.  The MP was established based on studies from various professionals which gave us parameters on growth which included drainage, infrastructure and other matters.  If we vary from the MP there has to be good cause shown with lots of input from professionals and the community.  
Wayne Messina (incumbent): Declined to respond. 
Kim Powers: Declined to respond.