State Funding for Central Projects

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The State's House Bill 2 Capital Outlay funding for 2018/19 was signed by the governor this week and includes three projects directly benefiting the City of Central.
In funding available in the next year, $4 million in state money is available for drainage system repairs and expansion, and $26,000 will be available to BREC for improvements to the Central Community Sports Park on Lovett Road.
Also available in 2018/19 is $461,300 in support of the proposed $5 million City Hall. This funding can potentially reimburse Central for a portion of the $667,000 in architect fees and land acquisition, but will not cover any of the $4.5 million in actual construction costs.
House Bill 2 also lists "Priority 5" potential funding in future years that is expected but not funded and available to spend this year. An additional $230,000 is in Priority 5 for the Sports Park and $400,000 for City Hall.