No Additional State Funding for Central City Hall

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State House Bill 2 last week moved to the House floor for approval with no increase in funding for a Central City Hall. Pending approval by the House and Senate, the same $461,300 in the state’s 2017/18 budget will again be available in 2018/2019 to reimburse Central for the cost of the City Hall project.
Added to prior state reimbursements, the total state capital outlay money will fall approximately $100,000 short of paying the $667,000 cost to acquire the two-acres of land and pay architects to design the building. The remaining $4.5 million cost for the 17,000 square foot two-story building would be paid for using the cash reserves of the City of Central.
In recent weeks Central’s Mayor Shelton addressed the $4.5 million price tag on the building and explained: “Most of this money will be sought in reimbursement from the State Capital Outlay Program.” However, at the current level none of the $4.5 million in actual construction costs would be paid for by the state. Mayor Shelton declined to comment on the matter when contacted this week.