“The Dinosaur Battle of New Orleans”

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orlean BBy Mia Freneaux
Central author Dane Hatchell is at it again!  Following up on his successful sci-fi novel Prehistoric WWII, Dane has penned his newest offering in a long line of over 30 novels.  The Dinosaur Battle of New Orleans was inspired by the historic Battle of New Orleans, when soldiers had to join forces with pirates to defeat a common foe.  Set in modern times, the novel is the result of Dane pondering on the challenges we face today.  “There is a lot of division in our society now.  Negotiation and compromise are almost a thing of the past.  When dinosaurs are caught in a time wave and appear in New Orleans, it’s at the height of a conflict over the fate of the statue of General Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square,” Dane shared.  “The Dinosaur Battle of New Orleans forces a divided society to put aside their differences and together fight for survival.”  
Dane’s novel has already received several glowing reviews.  One reader gave it five stars, saying she was planning a visit to New Orleans soon and was looking forward to visiting all the places where the battles occurred.  “The Dinosaur Battle of New Orleans is a fast-paced Dino-thriller with inventive, imaginative horrors at every corner.  Velociraptors in the Vieux Carre?  Fantastic Idea!  A five star, wild winner all the way!” writes Michael Esola, Editor of  “I think Louisianans will really get a kick out of reading The Dinosaur Battle of New Orleans,” says Dane, “There’s lots of action, lots of local flair, and of course, dinosaurs!”   The Dinosaur Battle of New Orleans can be purchased in print or kindle edition on