Central Volunteers Getting Families Home

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Beginning in January, each Saturday from 8 until noon Central citizens have been volunteering as the informal group “Central Cares”, working to get Central citizens back into their homes. Focusing on those that are still in FEMA trailers and those that are still struggling to move home, the group of volunteers plan to continue working each Saturday morning for as long as there is a need and volunteers to meet the need.
Organizer Dave Freneaux shared “So many from this community and around the country came to Central to help this community recover from the flood, but there is still work to do. There are many who are now back home and have their families’ homes repaired, so we can now turn to our neighbors, especially the uninsured, and get them home as well.”
The group has taken on projects ranging from sink installations to an entirely gutted home, working each project until the family could move back in. The goal is to keep working Saturday mornings, with whoever is available to volunteer that day, until the job is done. The number of work sites will only be limited by the number of volunteers.
Anyone needing help or wanting to volunteer can go to the Central Cares Facebook Page or to to sign up confidentially. You can also email or call or text Dave at (225) 413-1616.