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It is possible to recover from a stroke, we see it all the time. But you have to act fast.  The window for treatment of ischemic stroke (the blockage that prevents blood flow to the brain) is about four hours. When you have recognized or even think you are seeing signs of stroke, call 911 immediately, let the operator know you think it is a stroke and let the paramedic identify and transport if necessary.
Signs of stroke:
• Facial droop
• Arm or leg weakness
• Speech: inability to speak or speech is garbled
• Sudden bad headache
• Double vision
• Difficulty in walking
• Vision loss
• Sudden loss of sensation on one side of the body
It is also possible to reduce your risk of stroke. 
There are some medical conditions that are the most common in risk for stroke. If you have any of these, you most likely are already working with your doctor for treatment that includes reducing your risk for stroke. 
• Prior stroke or mini stroke. 
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
Controllable factors in preventing stroke
• Smoking. A major risk factor in stroke and heart disease-So stop it!
• Obesity, elevated cholesterol and lipids (fat)-Reduce sugar, fat and cholesterol intake
• Sedentary lifestyle-walking 30 minutes every day will help
• Excessive alcohol use-cut it back to one or two a day
• Illegal drug use-just say no and don’t do it
Uncontrollable risk factors
• Age-more common over the age 60
• Sex-stroke risk is the same for both sexes but more common in males at younger ages
• Heredity-you have a higher risk if a close relative has had a stroke
• Ethnicity-African Americans and Hispanic Americans are more at risk.
Recycle on Wednesday and walks should be thirty minutes.
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