$4.5 Million City Hall

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Mayor Plans 17,000 Square Foot Facility
Plans have been drawn up for a $4.5 million, 17,000 square foot City Hall for the City of Central. The building would house the City’s three employees, Central’s private city services contractor, and a City Council Chamber for public meetings.
Mayor Shelton reportedly is planning to put the project out for bids in February and break ground by summer. There have been no public meetings by the city to receive citizen input on the size, cost, design, or location of City Hall. In order for the $4.5 million project to proceed, Central’s City Council would have to approve Mayor Shelton’s request that the money be spent from Central’s financial reserves.
There have been ongoing negotiations between Mayor Shelton and the Central Community School System to purchase 1.5 acres of property for a City Hall on Sullivan Road at the old Middle School site. The purchase would be required to be at fair market value, estimated at roughly $200,000, and would have to be approved by the City Council.