Chaislyn Jane King Pursuing Her Musical Dreams

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IMG_7391bBy Mia Freneaux
Photo by Just 4 Clicks Photography
Gifted with a beautiful voice, Chaislyn Jane King is not burying her talent.  On the contrary, the 16 year old has big dreams that she is willing to work hard for.  Chaislyn recently won the “Bayou Idol” singing competition out of a field of 60 some participants, and as a result Scott Innes of 109.3 FM radio wrote a song specifically for her!  “That’s Jackson Square” is currently receiving air time and received over 700 views on You tube.  “It’s been chaotic at times, but it’s a lot of fun and definitely worth it!”  Chaislyn shares with excitement at her recent gig at Central City Antiques.
Chaislyn started singing at the young age of 9 when she joined productions by the Central Children’s Theatre.  From there she branched out to the Theatre Baton Rouge.  She credits her vocal coach Ninfa Caruso with her success – “I wouldn’t be anywhere without her!” Chaislyn says sincerely, “She started with my raw talent and gave me the polish to let it shine.”  Chaislyn also plays guitar and piano and ukulele.  
Chaislyn, in the course of all of this activity, realized that performing music was “something I want.”  She has been working hard honing her skills and getting experience by singing at venues all over the area.  “I have been lucky with my successes so far.  So much has been being in the right place at the right time,” she modestly acknowledges.   
Although Chaislyn’s mother Lorri and brothers Chaz and Rivers graduated from Central High School (her dad Jeff coached Lacrosse there), Chaislyn has been homeschooled so she can devote time to her career.  She has big plans for her future, some of which she can’t discuss at this time.  A national singing competition may lie in her future, as well as possible schooling out of state.  “NYU or the Manhattan School of Music are definitely a dream!” she enthuses.  
With a leaning toward a mellow sound and folk influences, Chaislyn is set to take on the world.  “It’s a lot of work, but when it’s something you love, it’s not that hard!”  Look up her Youtube video at “Chaislyn Jane” and check out her website “”.   Chaislyn will be performing this Saturday at Caliente Mexican Craving Restaurant for their 10th Anniversary Celebration.