Superintendent Search Begins

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Community Input Welcomed
Superintendent Mike Faulk will step down on December 31, and the application and interview process for his replacement has begun. With applications due this past Wednesday, on Monday the School Board will begin the interview and selection process.
At a well-attended meeting on Monday, members of the Central community asked to be involved in the process. Representatives of teachers, administrators, and community associations, as well as individuals, spoke passionately about the importance of this selection and asked that School Board to listen to these "stakeholders" before making their final decision.
In response, School Board Members assured the group that they were prepared to listen, and encouraged these stakeholders to meet, look at the applications, and sit with Board Members and give their input.
One administrator shared after the meeting that they "appreciate the opportunity to be involved and we will be diligent in our efforts to work with this Board." He added " this group will meet and work together to provide insight and input from a wide range of stakeholders. We look forward to working hand in hand with the Board."
The ultimate selection of the next superintendent is exclusively reserved to a vote of the elected School Board, and community members who spoke asked only to have their hopes, concerns, and input taken into consideration in that decision.  Board President Walker has arranged to meet with the stakeholders group several times during the selection process.
The interviews will likely stretch over several weeks and a final decision date won't be known until the applications are opened and interviews scheduled. Some of the interview process will be conducted in closed executive sessions of the School Board, but the final portion of the interviews and the selection vote will take place in a meeting open to the public.