In Memoriam: Steve Cole Starkey

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Steve Cole Starkey was born on July 9, 1957 in the Baton Rouge General Hospital and died in Budapest, Hungary on July 18, 2017.  Steve lived in the Central community until 1973 when his family moved away from the area when his dad’s work required the family to relocate to Washington D.C.
Steve attended LSU before graduating from the University of Virginia.  After graduation, he traveled to Europe and became a longtime resident of Pécs, Hungary, where he taught English at the university.  He left Hungary in 2005, spent two years teaching English in South Korea, and then located in Houston, Texas, until his recent return to Hungary.
He was preceded in death by his father, Robert H. (Bud) Starkey; his paternal grandparents, Abe Hewitt Starkey and Donna Edwards Starkey; his maternal grandparents, Cheley Basil Carpenter and Elma Causey Carpenter; and two uncles, Kirk Edwards Starkey and Preston Lionel Carpenter.
He is survived by his daughter Attiláné Pék (born Krisztina Margit Starkey) and son-in-law Attila Pék; daughters Jennifer Diane Starkey and Felicity Maria Starkey; son Daniel Arthur Starkey; three grandsons, Berci, Ambrus, and Victor Pék; his estranged wife Zsuzsa Kelenfi Starkey; his mother Peggy Carpenter Starkey; his stepmother Sandra Cole Starkey; his brothers, Stanley Robert Starkey, Blake Hewitt Starkey, and David Lee Starkey and wife Monique; two uncles, David Morgan Starkey and wife Jerry Sanders Starkey, and Cheley Frank Carpenter and wife Edith Mills Carpenter; and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

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