$70,000 Review of Master Plan

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    By unanimous vote at Tuesday's meeting, the City Council approved $70,000 in funding requested by Mayor Shelton to commission a review of Central's Master Plan. The review process is estimated to take six months or more in order to allow opportunity for public input.
    Central's Master Land Use Plan is the document that guides all zoning and development decisions in the city. The plan was created at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars over many years with extensive input from citizens and experts. The implementation of the plan was completed just under three years ago, in June of 2014.
    Central's Master plan designates the areas of the city targeted for residential and commercial growth, as well as the areas that are intended to remain rural. One of the key strategies of the plan is to drive commercial and retail development to "nodes" around major intersections in the city, preventing the urban sprawl that is seen in areas like Florida Blvd. and Plank Road.