Business Spotlight: Madison’s Florist

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By Marissa Rasch
    Spring is in bloom and so are the gorgeous creations at Madison's Florist! Marissa Idusuyi has been in the flower business since 2004.  "I was just looking for a job when I saw an ad for HS Floral. That's who owned the florist inside Sam's Club. They said they would teach me and I got the job. I just found myself there for hours. It was like therapy to me. I just loved it!"  She also worked for The Lakehouse, Rickey Heroman's and many others before she decided to go into business for herself. She opened in Central because Central has been home for 11 years. It was easy for Marissa to call her shop “Madison’s” – it’s her daughter’s name!
    Marissa’s grand opening was April 2015. One of her biggest surprises was getting a call less than a month after opening to provide the floral arrangements for Percy Sledge’s funeral.  “I just couldn’t believe it!” she recalled.  After the flood hit, water damage ruined a lot, but that couldn't stop her from reopening the week of Valentine's Day this year! 
    You'll love the experience at Marissa's shop. Not only does she sell flowers, she sells gifts as well. From candles to decorative signs, her shop is the cutest!  Come by Madison’s Florist and let Marissa use her creative abilities to enhance all of your events!  Madison's Florist is open Monday through Friday 9-5, Saturdays 9-1, and closed on Sundays. They are located at 18564 Magnolia Bridge Road. You can reach them at 225-778-7292.