Mayor Files Forgery Complaint

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    Central’s Mayor Junior Shelton filed a complaint with the EBR Sheriff’s Office on February 15, 2017, reporting the discovery of contracts dating back to 2014 which he maintains were forged. The complaint resulted in the issuing of an arrest warrant for the alleged forging of Mayor Junior Shelton’s initials on a 2015 maintenance agreement between the City of Central and the developer of the Twin Lakes Subdivision.
    Central’s former Chief Administrative Officer David Barrow, who was named in the warrant, made the following public statement through his attorney, Lauren Ventella: “Mr. Barrow was shocked to learn of the allegations made against him. He conscientiously served the people of Central with honor during his entire tenure as Chief Administrative Officer. Although he did not have the opportunity to speak with investigators prior to being arrested, we are confident his innocence will be thoroughly demonstrated throughout this process.”
    Mr. Barrow voluntarily turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday of last week and was released that same day on a $5,000 bond. Barrow was terminated as Central’s CAO by Mayor Shelton in August of 2015. In an interview after the 2015 termination Shelton explained, “He was informed that we were gonna go in a different direction.”