Assisted Living Facility in Sight for Central

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    With the completion of the new Central Physical Therapy facility on Hooper Road, owners Helen Balzli and Tom Coplin are turning their attention to the assisted living facility which has long been planned on the same property.  Helen and Tom explain below the next steps in making the Morrison Hills Retirement Community a reality in the City of Central.
    We have received many questions regarding the status of the Morrison Hills assisted living facility.  With 84% of the financing assured, we are continuing to search for additional investors.  As we move toward finalizing financing, we are faced with the need to demonstrate the need for Assisted Living in Central.
    We are asking anyone interested in becoming a resident of the Morrison Hills assisted living facility to reserve an apartment with a $2,000 per person move-in deposit.  With the deposit we will assign apartments now on a first come first serve basis. There are 74 units that will house at least 80 residents. There are six two-bedroom units, and some one-bedroom units can be double-occupancy for an additional fee. We have a master floor plan as well as Unit Plans from which to choose.
    After the 74 units spoken for, we will have a waiting list on a first come first serve basis for no fee. All deposits will be held in escrow and returned in full in the event the project financing cannot be secured. You may also opt out and receive a return of your deposit in full at any time prior to move-in.
    Once financing is in place, we expect the facility to be completed in twelve months, as we are already fully designed and construction ready. We have informational packets available with fee schedules, floor plans and amenities available. Please call 225-960-7900 for more information.