Flood Stories Wanted

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    Central resident Debbie Simmons decided to make lemonade out of lemons  She and her husband Wayne had to evacuate their home on Hooper Road early in the morning on August 13.  "We had to call the fire department to get us out," Debbie shares, "by the time we realized we were flooding, the Comite bridge was impassable, and Hooper and Blackwater Roads were both flooded."  CFD took them to Life Tabernacle Church, which was being used as a shelter.  When it too was about to flood, they fled to Blackwater United Methodist, figuring they could at least stay in the balcony.  Their son Chad ended up having to bring his boat to rescue them, their son Michael, and his family.  "We got 40 inches in our house and lost everything," says Debbie, "Now we are living in our FEMA trailer."  What could have been viewed as a crushing blow, Debbie has decided to turn into something positive.  She is asking folks to send her their "flood stories" with the idea of compiling them for future generations.  She is hoping she can get it published someday. If you would like to participate, please send your story either via email to, or mail it to 8263 Hooper Rd., Central, 70811.