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    Central's churches are really coming through with assistance for our community.  Many of them are continuing to face clean up and repair, yet are offering services and supplies in the midst of these efforts.  If you have needs, please keep these churches in mind.  If you have time to help with their clean up efforts, please keep these churches in mind!  Please note we could not reach every church – if you have information on needs or services being offered by a church not listed here, please let us know!
    Berean Ministries is still in the process of repairing their facility.  Despite this, they are celebrating their 33rd anniversary this Sunday at 10:00 followed by a dinner on the grounds!
    Blackwater United Methodist is hosting the United Methodist Disaster Relief Team.  These folks come from all over to assist with clean up and repairs.  If you need help with your home, please call 247-3098 to be put on the assistance list.  Blackwater is still in the process of cleaning up and repairing their gym and church offices.
    Cornerstone Christian Fellowship has been hosting a Mennonite group of about 60 workers for the last 3 to 4 weeks.  Another group is expected to come in the next two weeks.  Call the church office at 261-8795 and leave a message if you need help with cleanup/repairs.
    Covenant Community Church has teams coming in from Shreveport, Hattiesburg, Oklahoma, Texas and Alabama to help with repairs.  Call John Kelton to arrange for a team to help – 901-827-3450.  Covenant still has some supplies for those who are in need, available as volunteers are able to man the donation center.  Covenant is also still in the process of repairing their facility
    First Baptist of Central is hosting Central Private School's Kindergarten and First Grade classes while CP repairs their campus buildings.
    Greenwell Springs Baptist is hosting folks from Samaritan's Purse Disaster Relief.  Call 261-2246 to get on the list for assistance.  Also providing hot meals at 4:00 Monday through Saturday – drive through the parking lot to pick up
    Immanuel Baptist is still meeting at Grace Presbyterian Sundays at 6:00 pm in the building behind the sanctuary.  They are still repairing their facility.  There is no date set yet for return to their sanctuary.
    Journey Church has 3 washers and 3 dryers available for laundry washing.  They supply the detergent.  This is a FREE first come/first serve offering. The Laundry Center is open from 9:00-5:00 Monday through Friday and 9:00-12:00 Saturday. Journey is still repairing their facility.
    Life Tabernacle Church is in the process of repairing their facility. 
    Magnolia United Methodist is hosting Builders Without Borders.  You can call 261-2789 to get on their list.  They are also partnering with Assess the Need to help LIvingston Parish Schools by collecting much needed supplies. Please consider donating to this worthy effort. They will be holding a Family Fun Day on September 24 from 4 to 7 pm with a waterslide, and free food.
    St. Alphonsus is holding services in their Family Center still.  They still have supplies for any in need – food, cleaning supplies, baby products.  These are available for pick up on Wednesdays from 9:00-12:00.  They are offering hot dinners at various times – feeding 1000 folks at a time.  Please check their Facebook page for updates.
    Zoar Baptist  is hosting Central Private School's Middle and High School classes.  In addition, they are hosting disaster relief teams from the Southern Baptist Convention.  Come to Building C to fill out an application to receive assistance.
    Christ to the Family Ministries is offering home cooked  meals to people working on their homes in the Central area.  Text 953-3533 by 9 am Wednesday through Friday to order your meals.

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