Central Physical Therapy’s Free Sports Injury Evaluations Are Back

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    Central Physical Therapy will again open its free Saturday morning Sports Injury Evaluation Clinic this fall.  Beginning on Saturday, September 10, their doors are open to all athletes from Central and the surrounding area for evaluation and recommendations of how to care for their sports injuries.  Sports Physical Therapy specialists Erik Strahan, DPT, ATC, Richard O’Quinn, PT, and/or Tom Coplin, PT will be available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. every Saturday from September 10 through November 5.
    Central Physical Therapy has made arrangements with other health care providers to smooth the path into early treatment in order to return to play as quickly as possible.  Included in the Saturday morning program will be the availability of their Concussion Program.
    In addition to CPT’s Saturday program, an athlete may take advantage of the free Sports Injury Evaluations at any time throughout the week.  Just call to make an appointment: 261-7094.