Central Donation Center Update

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    The Central Donation Center, located at the old library at the corner of Hooper Road and Sullivan Road, is open for shopping Monday through Saturday from 11:00 till 3:00.  Clothing, food, personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies are all available.  Heather Kammers, the director, is looking for volunteers to help sort donations and assist shoppers.  "No formal training is necessary," shares Heather, "it's mostly common sense. I especially need volunteers who can commit to specific hours each week, so the center can be open as much as possible."
    Heather says the greatest need for donations at this time is new, packaged underwear, socks and bras.  "Especially underwear sized for small children, we don't have anything for our smallest customers", plus first aid kits.  She also asks for towels and wash cloths, pillows, and air mattresses.  "We've given out the 3 air mattresses we had donated, and the folks cried when they got them."  Newborn and size 4-5 diapers are also needed. 
    Other clothing donations are NOT needed at this time, though volunteers to help sort them are.  Clothing needs to be sorted by size and hung on hangers, so shoppers can easily find what they need. "You can pick up a bag of clothes from the center, take them home and have a hanging party with your friends," Heather says with a smile. 
    Also needed, as folks work on homes that have been gutted, are crock pots and paper plates.  "It gives a sense of normalcy to be able to cook dinner for your family." Can openers are also necessary.  Donations are received at the center from 9:00 to 4:00 Monday through Saturday.  Please do NOT leave donations outside.  They get soaked in the daily rain Central has been receiving since the flood before the volunteers can get to them, and then they are ruined and have to be thrown out, taking up yet more of volunteers' precious time. 
    All that's necessary to receive assistance from the center is a Louisiana license or identification card that shows Central residency.  The center needs to limit recipients to just those living in Central to be sure that it isn't overwhelmed and unable to accomplish its mission.  "We want those who have suffered loss to know that people all over the country love them and want to help them make it through this.  We want them to feel blessed," Heather shares.
    Upcoming event is the "Flood Fashioin Extravaganza Event".  Check the "Central Donation Center" Facebook page for more information and for the "Daily Donation Challenge".