Flood 2016

Victory Academy Update

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The following was posted on Victory Academy's Facebook page on August 26.  Follow Victory Academy on Facebook for more updates and information.

I wanted to give you all an update on the progress we have made this week. Our Academy buildings are pretty much cleared of drywall and debris. This has been quite a job, and we appreciate the many hours our volunteers have devoted to helping our school!

In other exciting news, the first of our temporary buildings arrived from Dallas today! We should have all of them here early next week. The buildings have only been used one time, and it was by a school whose mascot was a warrior! The main building will have classrooms for the elementary and middle school classes. There will be a separate building for the Academy office and the K4 and K5 classes. There will be a third building that will be a cafeteria/multi-purpose space. I will try to post a picture of the complex after I publish this post. We are excited to see it all come together!

Our teachers have been calling all of the parents this week to check on them and to see how we could pray. Almost every family has been affected in some way by the flood. Our hearts are with you all.

We had the opportunity to meet as a faculty yesterday, and it was a blessing to see everyone. We prayed for each other, for our Academy families, for our communities, and for God to be glorified through each one of us as we serve him. As we met, we discussed the answers to some of the common questions our teachers were asked as they spoke with parents on the phone. I am going to answer the top five questions in the next section. I will update you again as we have more information. We appreciate your love and support!


1. Q: When will school start? A: Our goal is September 6th or shortly thereafter. We need our temporary buildings to be secured, walkways between them to be constructed, and the new facility to pass inspections before we can re-open. We expect that this will be able to happen within the next week or so.

2. Q: When will we need to pay tuition? A: September's tuition payment will be due when we return to school. As much as we would like to say, "Pay when you are able," the reality is that we must have tuition funds in order to operate the school. If you cannot pay the full amount in September, we will try to work with you to defer payment for a few weeks.

3. Q: What do we do if we lost our uniforms? A: We will be very flexible in this regard. If you have your school uniforms, then you should wear them. If you do not, then you should come in free dress until we can help you get new uniforms. There are a couple parents working on a uniform drive to assist parents who have lost them. We will post more information when we know it. If you have extra uniforms that you could donate, reply to this thread and I will connect you to the right people.

4. Q: What do we do if we lost our school supplies? A: We are receiving donations from near and far away. Groups have been very generous in this regard. We don't want you to worry about school supplies. We will try to provide you with the essentials when we return to school. So, don't worry!

5. Q: What do we do if our summer reading assignment got ruined? A: First of all, bless your conscientious little heart that you are concerned about this! Please don't let summer reading be a concern. Those who still have their projects will turn them in. Those who do not may just tell the teacher about what they had done. We will work all that out when we get back to school. I guess our students have a new excuse, "The flood ate my homework!"