Helping Central’s Pets

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    For Central residents Staci Gonzales and Colleen Soileau, it started when they met an elderly lady at an evacuee shelter.  She told them she had nothing left in the world but her poodle sitting in her lap, and with tears asked if they could get food for the pet she promised to care for.  Thus the "City of Central Pet Food & Supplies Disaster Relief" was born.  Staci and Colleen connected with their fellow dog lovers all over the country, and donations of pet food for dogs, cats, birds, goats, rabbits, horses, chickens and cattle have come pouring in from all over the country, and as far away as Ontario.  Treats, bowls, leashes, litter boxes, collars, horse halterss and leads, feed buckets, shavings for rabbits,  dog poop bags, dog and cat toys, and blankets and beds have all been donated.  "A group of horse owners from Texas came in on Saturday August 20th with four trucks of dog food, horse food, cattle food, chicken feed, hay, and related supplies (halters and leads, antibacterial shampoos and antifungal medicines, buckets, fly spray).  They were amazing," says Staci. Staci and Colleen have been delivering bags and cans of dog and cat food to the City's Distribution Center on Hooper Road, and have also been loading up their cars and driving to neighborhoods affected by the flooding to offer residents the supplies.   They are planning an upcoming pick up day where people can come to them to get the supplies, as the accumulating piles of debris are making it difficult to traverse the city.  Their goal is to continue this mission for the next 6 months and eventually turn it into a community- run outreach that continues to help those in need.  To reach "City of Central – Pet Food & Supplies Disaster Relief" go to their Facebook page of the same name.


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