The Central Chamber Report: What Does the Chamber Do In Central?

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    In this series of articles, we are in the process of exploring how each of the values of Care, Connect, and Collaborate play into the overall plan of the Central Chamber.  Last week we discussed “Care.”  In a “Community that Cares,” we strive to care for our businesses and our community!  This week we look at the importance of the value “Connect.”
    Connect is described as: “to bring together or into contact so that a real link is established; to join together so as to provide access and communication.”  One of our ongoing missions is to create opportunities for our members to connect with other businesses, governmental leaders, and various civic organizations.  
    Held the second Wednesday of each month, the Monthly Investors’ Luncheons have constantly proven to be a valuable tool in helping to accomplish the mission of connection. We have provided our members with the opportunities to meet the candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of State, just to name a few.  Our members receive updates from our Mayor, U.S. and State Senators and Representatives, and a variety of other state and local elected officials. As an added benefit, at many of our meetings, a representative from one or more of our U.S. and State Senators and Representatives offices will be in attendance along with representatives from the Central City Council and Central Community School Board.  Additionally, our members have had the opportunity to hear from and interact with a wide variety of other informative speakers. This type of exposure allows our members to have dialogue with elected officials, voice their concerns, to ask pertinent business questions, and gain valuable information.
    Held on the fourth Wednesday of each month, LEADS for Lunch has become a successful endeavor.  LEADS is held at a variety of our Central Chamber eating establishments.  LEADS’ attendees are given an opportunity to share about their business, highlight their business’s services, and possibly generate leads and future business.
    The Central Chamber, during election seasons, will also host forums with various candidates.  These events allow our investors and members of the community to be informed, receive valuable insight, and to connect with potential future governmental leaders.  
    To help connect our investors to the Central Chamber, we rely on the work of our volunteer Ambassadors.  Ambassadors serve as the public relations arm of the Chamber by developing a relationship and two-way communication between themselves and the membership. Ambassadors call on investors to give them updates on current activities, policies, and special events.  Ambassadors take time to ask members about their business and how the Central Chamber can be of better service.
    The Central Chamber truly values the ability we provide to allow our investors to make the vast variety of connections I’ve mentioned.  Through these opportunities contacts are made, dialogue is created, ideas are shared, connections are made, and we truly then become stronger together!
Ron Erickson
President – Central Chamber of Commerce