Mayoral Candidates Endorsed: Freneaux Supported by Central Leaders, Shelton by EBR Political Action Committees

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    In two very different shows of support, Mayoral candidate Dave Freneaux has turned to Central's community leaders for endorsement while his opponent Junior Shelton has received the backing of three EBR Political Action Committees, or “PACs”.
    Fifteen of Central’s community leaders have asked the voters to join them in electing Dave Freneaux as the next Mayor of Central.  The group includes many of those whose efforts helped create the City of Central and Central’s School System, and a host of current and former elected officials and city and school system volunteers.
    Shelton has turned to his ties to EBR political and real estate industry PACs for support.  His recent mailer touts endorsements by three organizations who are PACs or whose associated Political Action Committees have donated to the Shelton campaign.  Shelton has also been endorsed by one current Central Council Member.
Supporting Dave Freneaux:
Lee Rome – Incorporator of Central
Jon Simmons – Central Schools Creation Committee
Marty Guilbeau – Central Schools Pioneer & First School Board
Mac Watts – Mayor of Central
Dr. Keith Holmes – School System Finance Committee member
Louis DeJohn – City Council Member
Wayne Leader – Chairman of City Services Contract, Selection & Transition
Rodney Bonvillain – Former Planning & Zoning Chairman
Wade Giles – Chairman, Central Economic Development Foundation
Paul Burns – Planning & Zoning Chairman
Scott Wilson – Metro-Council Member Representing Central
Kristy Simmons – PTO Co-Founder at CHS and Central Middle School
Lucky Ross – Former City Council Member
Wyndi Bonvillain – Central City & Schools Creation Committees
Joan Lansing – Former City Council Member
Central Speaks Newspaper
Supporting Junior Shelton:
Capital Region Builders Association PAC
Greater BR Association of Realtors & Louisiana Realtors PAC
EBR Republican Parish Executive Committee – PAC
Tony LoBue – City Council Member