Central Residents Win Partial Victory over Water Quality

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Press Release
    On March 21, 2014, the First Circuit Court of Appeal in Baton Rouge reversed a ruling by Judge William Morvant that had dismissed a lawsuit filed by Stacy Richards against Parish Water Company on her behalf and all other Central water users.  The case involves drinking water supplied by Parish Water Company to Central residents being brown in color, containing particles and leaving an oily film in tubs, sinks and washing machines.  The District Court had found that the Louisiana Public Service Commission was the proper agency to address the complaints.  Richards appealed the dismissal of her lawsuit which is filed as a class action on behalf of water customers in Central.
    The lawsuit will now be transferred back to Judge Morvant for further proceedings to determine if Mrs. Richards and her neighbors are entitled to money damages and the amount of those damages.  The lawsuit results from years of complaints about water quality to Parish Water Company.  The lawsuit was filed by attorneys Patrick Pendley and Jessica A. Perez of Pendley, Baudin & Coffin, L.L.P. and Charlotte McGehee.
    Pendley commented “We are very pleased by the ruling of the First Circuit which confirms our belief that the determination of damages and the appropriate amounts should be decided by Judge Morvant.  We look forward to providing evidence of the terrible problems our clients have had with their drinking water for years.”