The Clear Choice for Central: Central Speaks Endorses Dave Freneaux for Mayor

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Election Central Editorial
    Editorial note: I am Beth Fussell, the owner and editor of Central Speaks.  Publishing a newspaper in a small community provides me with a unique and very informed perspective on our city.  In addition, since they are my parents, I have known Dave and Mia Freneaux for a lifetime.  I have always been taught by my father to defend and support what I believe in.  In the case of the Central Mayor’s race, as someone who has seen my dad’s work and appreciation for this community in action, I believe in him.  Without reservation Central Speaks fully endorses Dave Freneaux as the next Mayor of Central for the reasons outlined in this article.
    When Central elects its next mayor on April 5th the voters will be entrusting that individual with the financial security of our city and the direction of our community. 
    My dad has spent a lifetime proving his ability to be a responsible steward of our tax dollars and has been an involved and supportive of many of Central’s worthwhile organizations.  These two ingredients uniquely qualify Dave to serve the people of Central for the next four years.
    The Forman and Treen side of Dave’s family settled here in the 1920’s and his cousin Dave Treen became the first Republican Governor of Louisiana since Reconstruction.  Even with deep family roots in Central, Dave maintains that it makes no difference whether you were born here or moved here last week, because we all stayed here for the same reasons.  A quiet and enjoyable place to raise families and enjoy friends, excellent schools, safe homes, and economic stability are the hallmarks of Central.  Dave is committed to protecting and improving on all of these.
Fiscal Responsibility
    “Central needs a mayor who understands the business of running a city while knowing the importance of being a community.” Dave said in an interview this week.  Indeed his background as a degreed accountant and his three decades of successful business management well qualify him for the business side of running our city.  Dave opposes any additional city taxes and has outlined plans for maintaining cash reserves to protect Central’s future while investing the city’s resources to improve our roads, drainage and public safety.
Community Involvement
    If you show up at almost any event in Central, you are likely to see my dad there.  Dave is the founder and chairman of the Central Cultural Foundation, an active member of the Central Chamber of Commerce and he and Mia serve as the publicity chairs for Cooking in Central.  He has been a long time Corporate Sponsor of Central High Athletics and is a member of the Central Republican Coalition and the Republican Women of Central.  Asked about his dedication to so many groups Dave explained “I’m not suddenly getting involved around Central because I am running for Mayor, I am running because I have been involved for years and love what this community is becoming.”
Giving the People a Voice
    Dave has taken a strong stance to give Central’s citizens a stronger voice in the decisions that affect their lives.  He has pledged to work to establish Council elections by District, giving each area of the city a representative on City Council.  He further pledges to hold quarterly Town Hall Meetings.  Dave explains “Our citizens deserve an opportunity to voice their concerns and have their ideas heard in an informal setting where elected officials will hear concerns and answer questions.”
    Proven financial responsibility, a history of community involvement, and a solid plan to hear and act on the concerns of our citizens are some of the many reasons that Dave Freneaux is the clear choice for Mayor of Central.