Election Central: EBR Republican Party Chair Asks Central to “Pick Teams”

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    In what can best be described as an effort to promote unhealthy political division in Central, EBR Republican Chairman Woody Jenkins suggests that Central’s voters “choose between two teams”.  This call for a further divide in Central has candidates concerned.  Jenkins is an avid supporter of Junior Shelton, his fellow EBR Republican committee member.
    Mayoral Candidate Dave Freneaux, who did not seek endorsement from The EBR Republican committee, commented, “The last thing Central needs is someone encouraging an increase in the political rift.  Please, vote for candidates who have shown themselves to be involved in this community, and who you trust to put the best interests of our city ahead of any personal or political agenda.”  Other candidates reached for comment had similar concerns.  

    Council candidate and local photographer Eric Frank shared “I see no need for outside interests to tell us who is qualified to represent us, we all come to the table thinking that we will be good representatives or we would not be running for the City Council.”  Frank added “I am running to make this city whole again.” 
    Insurance office manager and Council candidate June Dupuy commented, “I have a problem with anyone driving a wedge in the political structure of our City.  We need to pull together for the people of Central and put an end to the division.”
    “I believe the citizens of Central should not be persuaded to pick a ‘team’,” said Council candidate, teacher and business owner Mike Gardner.  In order to bring everyone together, the citizens should pick the best candidates.  That will form the team we all desire, Team Central.”  
    Kerry Clark, running for Chief of Police, stated, “Each candidate should be knowledgeable of the job they are asking you to vote them into and they should be willing to stand up to the “bullies” that try to control our thoughts and actions.  I will do what is best for ALL Central residents.”
    Combat veteran and Engineer Jason Ellis, another Council candidate, shared, “I do not believe there are two teams to vote for in Central. If you are voting for me because you think I will be classified as Team Freneaux or Team Shelton then you really need to get to know me. As your next councilman I will work together with whomever the people of this city elect. 
    Incumbent Council Member and businessman Aaron Moak weighed in saying “As someone that is not seeking endorsements from any group, it appalls me that the Chairman of the EBR Republican Committee would ask Central’s voters to choose a team or a side.  I would hope the citizens would vote for independent forward thinkers for our city.”
    Shane Evans, Council candidate and Chief Investigator for the EBR Coroner’s Office “I have run my campaign in a positive, independent manner, highlighting my nearly a quarter century of serving the citizens of Central, East Baton Rouge Parish and the State of Louisiana.   It is my hope that the voters of Central select our elected officials based on merit above affiliation.”