CMS Art Students Enjoy a Day at NOMA

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IMG_1266BBy Michelle Freneaux
    On Wednesday, January 17th, a busload of Talented Art students and Art Club members set out from Central Middle School to experience art and culture here in Louisiana. The students were going to spend the day in the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), learning about the elements of design and the role art has played in preserving history. Upon arrival at NOMA the students were divided into groups with tour guides who had already prepared a specialized lesson for the students. The guides were knowledgeable and engaging. Students could be seen gazing at abstract paintings, guessing at their content and meaning, and studying paintings from the Dutch Golden Age, searching for the interaction between light and shadow.
    One painting that left an impression on many students was a 9 foot tall portrait of Marie Antoinette, the infamous French Queen. The students marveled at the realism of the different fabrics in the scene and discussed how the author used colors to create depth in the painting.
    A highlight for many of the students was the chance to visit the Sculpture Garden. The students were fascinated by the moving sculptures, and many wanted to take photos in front of the huge “LOVE” sculpture. Other students were excited to find a “Blue Dog” sculpture, since they had studied the iconic piece of art in school, and still more observed giant Mardi Gras beads hanging from the trees.
    Complete with a picnic in front of the museum, the trip was a rewarding experience for many students. They learned how to look at art in a new way, and they were intrigued and engaged by the unique pieces on display. Since it is impossible to see the whole museum in a few short hours, the students are hoping to make this an annual trip, with each visit focusing on something new in NOMA. More information on the New Orleans Museum of Art can be found at