Central Chamber of Commerce: Lancaster House Says “I’m In”

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Lancaster I'm InB“All of us at Lancaster House are residents of Central and we believe in supporting our community.  We are "in" because the Chamber promotes all businesses in Central.  Shopping local not only helps the businesses; it creates tax revenues for our city.  We are so excited to be working with so many other small businesses to bring shoppers into our community. The New Year also brings in new owners (same faces) to Lancaster House.  As many of you know, we are a family run business; now our family members: Jeff and Heather Prisk, along with Michael and Adam Bingham are all Co-Owners.  Drop by and visit us during our next sale-March 7-9.”
Stacey & Charlie Lancaster, Owners
Jeff & Heather Prik and Michael & Adam Bingham, Co-Owners
Lancaster House
1359 Hooper Road
Central, LA.  70818
Fax:  225.261.4032
Facebook:  Lancaster House
Member Joined:  January, 2006