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    This past week it actually snowed!  My kids were ecstatic!  As a kid I always loved days like that, for one big reason.  We would be out of school!  There is nothing more thrilling as a kid than to get a "weather day."  For a kid this translates to a play day.  It was a day to catch up on your favorite movies or play board games.  I remember once we had a "hurricane" day in which the weather was still nice enough to play backyard football.  It was awesome!
    Now, there is nothing wrong with a good weather day when things are a bit dangerous.  Safety is a great concern, especially with kids.  The problem is when we take this course of action in our spiritual lives.  What do you do when things start getting a bit "frosty" in life, or when there is the potential for risk or danger in what God has asked you to do?  The truth is that often times, instead of standing boldly and trusting God with the task at hand, we call a "weather" day and we stay bundled up inside where it is safe and secure.  Now staying indoors is most certainly easier, and its comfortable, but the problem is that you don't really accomplish anything on a weather day.  
    As I think about these things my heart wanders back to the book of Joshua, when the people of Israel cross over into the promised land.  Fourty years prior, Israel called a "weather day."  They sent spies into the promised land, but they decided that the risk was far too high to come out of the wilderness.  Because of that, they wandered and accomplished nothing for God, and they missed out on blessings for themselves.  On the contrary, fourty years later Joshua led his people into the same land because of their boldness and trust in God.  The risk was still the same.  The call from God was still the same.  The thing that had changed were the people's hearts and their willingness to be dangerous for the glory of God.  God's message over and over to Joshua was to, "be strong and courageous."
    What about you?  What great task has God called you to?  Are you boldly charging forth with faith, or have you been calling a "weather day" on God?   Are we being strong and courageous, declaring our trust in God?  Or, are we content, warm, and comfortable?  The truth is that if God calls you to a task, he will be with you to complete the task.  And, no matter how frosty the "weather" gets, he is more than capable of handling it.
Jason Allen
First Baptist Central