Wildcat Station Now Offering Teen Club

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Wildcat Station is under new ownership with a new plan for the new year!  Central resident Sondra Johnston and her best friend Heather Bourgeois are both parents of middle and high school students.  Sondra, who works for the EBRP Sheriff's Office, and Heather, a Certified Foster Parent, know first hand the challenges faced by teens and their parents to find fun, safe events anywhere in the capitol city.  Their vision was to open a Teen Center for teens to be able to dance and have fun and parents to have no concerns about safety.  Wildcat Station owner Deedee Dupree made her location available to them to support this vision.  
Open Fridays and Saturdays from 7 pm to 11 pm, Wildcat Station will have djs providing dance music, a pool table, and video arcade games all for a $5.00 cash only cover charge.  Sodas, snacks and pizza will be available at minimal cost.  8 security cameras and a security staff will ensure that all kids stay safe.  No smoking, alcohol, inappropriate dancing or language will be allowed.  "We won't allow teens to do anything ours aren't allowed to do," assured Sondra.  Teens can come with their friends and enjoy a great evening at a great price.  Youth Counselors take note – this is the perfect environment for your youth group!  Special evenings, such as "Glo" parties with "glo" non-alcoholic jello shots and strobe lights, Sweetheart Dances, Christian Music Night, and themed events will be offered.  Birthday parties and other events can be booked ahead.  Future plans include Garage Band nights where local bands can showcase their talents and get exposure.  
For more information, contact Sondra at 456-4415, or Heather at 771-9122, Wildcat Station, 14395 Greenwell Springs Rd near Oak Point Fresh Market.  Ages 13-18.  Find us on Facebook!

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