A Miracle for Cohen Lewis

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Submitted by Hannah Lewis

    After months of small signs, many doctor visits and " just knowing" something's not right, at just six months old Cohen Lewis was admitted to Our Lady Of The Lake hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After many tests and a team of great doctors, Cohen was diagnosed with a brain disorder called Chiari Malformation type I. This is a condition that as the skull and brain grow, brain tissue extends into the spinal canal. This occurs when the skull is abnormally small or has a abnormal shape.  The brain begins to grow downward putting pressure on the brain stem and blocking the flow of cerebrospinal fluids. This condition is present at birth, but in most cases never shows signs until the teen years or later. Chiari Malformation type 1 is the least severe but because of Cohen’s age and the fact that he was beginning to show multiple signs, this made his case very rare, severe and very serious.
    After being in the hospital only 1 week Cohen had lost 90% of all muscle control along with a worsening of his breathing difficulties.
    Dr. Horsman, the pulmonary specialist, went out of his field of expertise and ordered an MRI which quickly lead to Cohen's diagnosis. We then needed a Neurosurgeon. Dr. Allen Joseph was the very best Neurosurgeon we could have asked for and our sweet Cohen very much needed this good physician to be an instrument in the hands of The Great Physician!
    The surgery that was available was very risky and it came with no guarantees, but without it Cohen would not survive. Surgery was not really a choice although the doctor said "If you decide not to, just let me know." Our question among many to him was, "What's the best outcome you have ever seen in a child this age with this disorder?" His answer, "Nowhere  a parent would ever want their child to be." Two words came to our mind: Medical Nightmare.
    God was no doubt on the scene giving Cohen’s grandmother a firm yet gentle word "I've got this." He sent angels on assignment into Cohen’s room to feed and strengthen him. The throne room was flooded with prayers by friends, family, and even strangers. Our pastor from Grace UPC in Central, Bro. Glenn Murphy and his wife along with Bro. Jerry Holland came and anointed and laid hands on Cohen and prayed for a miracle. Also a personal cloth of Bro. Holland’s was anointed and left with him and we prepared for a very serious brain surgery reminding our selves that God’s got this!
    Cohen’s surgery was estimated to take 5 hours; it only took 2 hours and 15 minutes. Doctor Joseph reported that the surgery went very well. Cohen was placed in ICU on a ventilator where they expected him to remain up to 7 days. He was extubated in only 1 1/2 days, he began to move his legs, his arms, even give us sweet little smiles. He was sucking a bottle that he held himself that very same day. After only 4 days he was taken out of ICU. The team of doctors were amazed at his progress. As the days followed, Cohen began to roll over, hold up his head, and sit up with very little assistance. Only 5 days out of ICU Cohen was about to be discharged to go home but not until he made one more impression, he said his very first words "Da-Da." Cohen is truly a Miracle!
    Cohen is now in physical therapy to regain muscle loss, He continues to amaze the team of therapists and doctors. They truly feel like a full recovery is in his near future. All honor,, praise, and glory be to God for turning this medical nightmare into a beautiful miracle.