CAPA Corner: Heaven or God?

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    Heaven is going to be awesome. No more pain, sorrow, death, taxes, elections, or crying in heaven.  I can’t wait to get there.  What is it truly going to be like? What will I see? How much fun, freedom, and happiness will I experience for all eternity?
    With all the hype regarding heaven and how great it is going to be for me, myself, and I; it left me with one question: If God wasn’t in heaven would it matter to me?  Or – if I could experience all the luxuries and benefits of heaven, but God not be there, would it matter to me?
    What is my point?  We have made heaven the goal and not God.  We don’t want to know about God as much as we want to know about what God can do for us.  When I presented myself with that question it left me silent because I didn’t want to answer it.  All my life, my Christian life, my aim, my goal was to make sure I get to heaven.  So my relationship with God was based on what he will do for me not based on who he is. I am sure there are many who will say, “If God didn’t do anything for us why would we waste our time?”.  Isn’t God worthy of all praise, and glory, and honor, and worship, and obedience just because of who he is not because of what he can do for us?
    God is Eternal. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. He was not born, nor created and he will never perish. This attribute alone should leave us in awe and wonder.
God is Creator of heaven and earth, the whole universe.  He can hang stars and planets on nothing just by speaking. This attribute alone should also leave us in awe and wonder.
    God is self-sufficient, self-existent, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. He is three persons in one – the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit (Trinity).  These transcendent attributes are who God is and makes him worthy of all praise, and glory, and honor, and worship, and obedience without him having to do or promise anything for or to us.
But God is so awesome he didn’t stop at his transcendent attributes, he is a personal Lord and has revealed himself through personal attributes.  He personally came to us by way of his son, Jesus Christ and proved that he is love, faithful, good, just, merciful, full of grace, holy, and all wise. We should be left in twice the awe and wonder.
What is your relationship with God the Father?  Do you know him and our Lord Jesus Christ?  Is he a means to your end or is he an end to your means?
    John chapter 17 verse 3 says it best: “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”.  Knowing God and our Lord Jesus Christ is eternal life.
I present you with the same question I presented myself: If God wasn’t in heaven would it matter to you?  This may help us understand our relationship with God. My friends, make knowing God the goal and heaven will be automatic.  If I don’t know God and his son, Jesus Christ, I will not know heaven.
In Christ,
Kenny Kepper
Pastor, Berean Ministries