CAPA Corner: What You Miss When You Miss Church

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    Yeah I know…you expect this from a pastor. But have you considered what is missed when one misses church services?    

    Thomas was one of Jesus’ Twelve. One day after Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples met with Jesus but Thomas missed the meeting. (Read about it in John 20:19-29.) We really don’t know why he wasn’t there but he missed out all the same. When Thomas missed the meeting, he missed:

·         Meeting with Jesus Himself.

·         A certain gladness that comes only from being with others as we meet with Jesus together.

·         Jesus’ pronouncement of peace.

·          His life being purposed by Jesus.

·         A fresh work of the Holy Spirit.

    When we miss being in the public worship of Jesus Christ, we miss pretty much the same that Thomas missed. God’s truth carried along by the Holy Spirit recalibrates the thinking of God’s people – and it refreshes us. The glory of God among God’s people as they worship is made real by the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit – and it refreshes us. Words of encouragement are spoken and shared in conversation as God’s people are gathering in the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit directs those words into the lives of people that need to be refreshed. And all of this and more happens when we meet together with Jesus.

    So…don’t miss church this weekend. Jesus will be there!

Jeff Stanfill

Covenant Church