No Vouchers at Central Community Schools

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By Dave Freneaux 
    At Monday’s CCSS Board meeting Superintendent Faulk recommended against allowing students from outside of the Central School District to attend Central’s public schools using vouchers issued under the Louisiana Student Scholarship Program.  The recommendation, which was unanimously approved by the School Board, read, in part as follows.
    “This program, if participation was approved, would allow students from failing schools to transfer to high performing schools.  Our school system faces many challenges next year. Among them are the opening of two new schools, transferring grade levels from one school to another, implementation of Common Core State Standards and the implementation of a new evaluation program using assessment criteria.
    Our school system was begun because people in our community wanted to have local control of educating children in this community. Allowing students to transfer in from outside our community would undermine that belief.  I am therefore recommending that the Central Community School System not participate in the Louisiana Student Scholarship Program.”