CIS Inducts Beta Members

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Submitted by Ms. Hill
    Central Intermediate School, under the direction of Rhonda Taylor, principal, held its Jr. Beta Club induction ceremony Tuesday evening, April 24, 2012.  Seventy-six fifth grade students were officially inducted into the National Jr. Beta Club.
    The National Honorary Beta Club is an organization instituted for promotion of creditable student effort and achievement and seeks to cultivate the ideals of service and leadership in our citizens of tomorrow. Following the initial welcome by Mrs. Taylor, Bilal Latour, the 2011-2012 Jr. Beta president, greeted the faculty, parents, and guests, thanking them for taking part in this memorable occasion.  Rosemarie Skillman and Lane Wolfe led in the pledge to the American flag and prayer respectively. Robert Williams, Director of Student Services for the Central Community School system, was the guest speaker.
    Mr. Williams shared his personal testimony of how he set high standards for himself to complete college and went on to fulfill his dream of playing professional baseball.  He then challenged the new Jr. Beta members to always remember their commitment to excellence and to set high goals for themselves, admonishing them to secure a college degree and pursue their dreams. Mr. Jeremy O’Banion, the Assistant Principal of CIS, led the inductees in reciting the Jr. Beta pledge.   The CIS Jr. Beta Club historians, Camille Doucet, Dalton Patterson, and Taylor Santangelo, closed the evening with their presentation of a power point they created displaying memorable photos of current Beta students engaged in several different events throughout the school year.  A cake and punch reception in the gymnasium followed the ceremony.  
2011-2012 CIS Junior BETA Club Inductees:
Jonah Amason,  Bilal Latour,  Shelby Anders,  Kenneth Lee,  Dalton Aspholm,  Taralynn Lemon,  Carter Babin,  Nya Lewis,  Hayden Badeaux,  Destiny Manzell,  Gabriel Baggett,  Anya Marchan,  Nathan Barnett,  Caiden McDowell,  McKennah Bellard,  Joshua Miles,  Darwin Bergeron, Jr.,  Alyssa Millard,  Kennady Best,  Charlie Moore,  Nicole Bottomlee,  Jalyn Murphy,  Devon Brumfield,  John Kyle Murray,  Donald Bryant,  Hailey Oubre,  Raven Burkhalter,  Dalton Patterson,  Cade Cassels,  Beau Richards,  Dunxin Chen,  Kyle Rogillio,  Alanna Coward,  Alyssa Santangelo,  Selena Daigle,  Jade Savant,  Paige DeLaughter,  Emily Shain,  Carley Devall,  Madelyn Shaffett,  Josephine Dinger,  Nicholas Shall,  Camille Doucet,  Madison Simpson,  Dakota Dupree,  Rosemarie Skillman,  Jace Eisworth,  Jacob Spurlin,  Wyatt Ensminger,  Alexis Stafford,  Dalyn Farley,  Logan Starkey,  Graeson Favaron,  Carson Stockwell,  Nyah Fields,  Lance Jake Stubbs,  Kaleb Fontenot,  Miranda Talley,  Destin Franklin,  Haley Tarver,  Destini Geautreaux,  Preston Taylor,  Aaron Gilbert,  Dylan Thibodeaux,  Zenora Hambrick,  Cameron Verrett,  Brianna Huber,  Vincent Weast,  Marissa Huber,  Maci Werchan,  Harlan Jerro,  Amber Wethey,  Joel King,  Logan Williams,  Devin Kwan,  and Lane Wolfe