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13 Churches in the Same Place!
    I am writing this article the day after the Central observance of the National Day of Prayer!  I am thankful for several things! (1) I am thankful that 175 Central residents showed up to participate.  I wish it were 1000, but I am thankful for 175!  We acknowledged our dependence upon Almighty God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the powerful Holy Spirit! I believe that God was honored and the people were blessed! (2)  I am thankful that we joined Christians all over the nation in prayer.  I believe that God was delighted to attend every meeting and hear the prayers of HIS PEOPLE!  HIS answers are already being poured out! (3)  I am thankful that I was able to be there with my wife, our city leaders, our mayor, our school leaders, firemen, policemen, businessmen and the wonderful people of Central! I never want to take my health, my freedom, or my city for granted! (4) Perhaps, most of all, I am thankful that I was there with 13 other pastors representing 13 churches.  In Central, the churches know how to cooperate! No competition!  I prayed with a Catholic, a Methodist, a Baptist, a Charismatic, an Independent, a Non-denominational, a man, a woman, a senior adult, a child, a black, a white, and I rejoiced in the Red, White, and Blue of my country, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! 
    I am excited about the future of our city, and I will continue to be thankful for the great people and leaders of Central! 
Dick Metz, Pastor
Cornerstone Fellowship

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