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    Does living out your faith say a lot about who Jesus actually is?  Or could it  possibly have more to do with the traditions you've grown comfortable with?  Christians come in many varied styles, each having their own unique flavor. These differences, as you would surmise, separate us and compartmentalize us to the point that to the world outside Christianity we're anything but knit together by the same Spirit.
Some say, “These Christians over here do this and that's why they’re called that.  Now these over here, well they’re just 'out there'.” You know who I mean.
    I'm confused. How are we going to affect change upon our world operating like this?  Please know that each of us are responsible for who we become. I'm a product of a southern conservative upbringing, but does that lock me into that way of thinking for life?  Even if I never stray far from that construct, am I not to have compassion upon those who see things from a different perspective?  Following Jesus brings daily difficult challenges, would it be life-altering if it did not?  How we live our faith screams to the world not only who we are, but who He is as well. So, critical is the question, “Are we truly like our savior?” To answer that, I must challenge my 'follow-ship' daily. It's imperative to do so if I am to properly reflect who Jesus is. I pray you will challenge yours as well.
Dale Phillips
Comite Baptist

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