Central’s History is OUR Responsibility

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Commentary by Dave Freneaux
    The photographs, documents, letters and artifacts that tell the story of the history of Central are, for the most part, being carefully preserved by the Baby Boomers and our parents.  As the years roll by this group grows smaller, and with each passing a little piece of the history of Central passes with them.  In many cases, we lose individuals who have spent many years collecting, documenting and preserving photos, documents and artifacts from the early days of the Central area.  But take heart, help is on the way.
    The creation of the Central Cultural Foundation (see press release on page 1) is certainly a timely happening in Central.  Vicki Carney and others have done a heroic job in trying to collect and preserve as much Central history as possible, and they are now welcoming the help that the CCF promises to be.  I challenge everyone to consider doing two things.  First, read the press release from the CCF and consider how you might get involved in one of the many areas this foundation seeks to support.  Second, and maybe most important, begin to consider making the pieces of Central history in your possession available to the History Society to scan, copy or preserve.
    Central has a window of opportunity to identify and preserve our history.  Watch Central Speaks for more announcements from the Central Cultural Foundation.  In the meantime consider the following as significant sources of Central history:  Family Bibles, old letters, family genealogies, old yearbooks, old newspaper clippings, photos, and artifacts.  One valuable resource is our most senior family and neighbors.  Consider making video or audio recordings of your parents or grandparents just talking about the good old days, remembering their childhood or talking about THEIR grandparents.  The preservation of Central’s history is OUR responsibility.  Consider pitching in.