Planning Underway for Central City Hall

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    Central's Master Plan moved into its next phase and will include planning for a City Hall and a surrounding development, all being referred to as "City Center".  ERM, a consulting firm hired to assist in the process, held public meetings Tuesday through Thursday of last week to take input and share ideas and strategies leading to the planning of "City Center".  This is just the first step in the process of drafting proposed configurations for City Center.
    Much of the discussion has centered around a "civic core" area of up to 20+ acres that would house City government as well as support services and related businesses.  Additionally, moving out from the center there could be retail and office space as well as restaurants and shopping.  Then, yet further out from the core, residential areas could be developed.  Since the development of the City of Central has never resulted in an identifiable "downtown", this "City Center" concept could bring that focal point to the City.
    ERM spent the week gathering data and taking input from individuals and groups and will now step back and integrate their findings into the next step of the process.  Future public meetings are planned once ERM has formulated viable options as to how and where Central can create a "City Center".  In addition to the "City Center" planning, ERM's work for central includes a Floodplain Management Plan and the development of a Pattern Book and Design Guidelines so that future development in the City is of a consistent high quality.